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Trans Inclusion

*This page is under development. Additional information will be added soon. Please direct questions or concerns to .

Trans Inclusion 

The Equity and Inclusion Office is working to make McMaster University more inclusive for staff, students and faculty who identify as transgender, gender non-binary and two-spirit. The work completed thus far includes:


1. All-Genders Washrooms

The Equity and Inclusion Office is coordinating a campaign to introduce 50 All-Genders Washrooms across the main McMaster University campus.  An All-Genders Washroom is a washroom that is available to everyone regardless of their gender identity or gender expression.  In addition to the All-Genders Washrooms the campaign includes an online resource for transgender, gender non-binary and two-spirit students, staff and faculty (please see #2 below).

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2. Navigating Mac if you identify as trans or are transitioning

This online resource provides information on how to navigate various issues on campus; for instance, where to go for information about your rights or what to do if someone refuses to use your correct name or pronoun.  

3.    Education and Outreach Materials



If you would like more information on the campaign, or to be kept informed about upcoming events, please email .