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Challenging Islamophobia on Campus

Full Report available here: Challenging Islamophobia on Campus Initiative Report 2015-2016 


McMaster University's Equity and Inclusion Office releases “Challenging Islamophobia on Campus Initiative” Report.

February 22 2017

McMaster University's Equity and Inclusion Office released its "Challenging Islamophobia on Campus Initiative" Report at the February 22 2017 meeting of the President's Advisory Committee on Building an Inclusive Community (PACBIC).  The Report is available electronically at:

Staff members of the Equity and Inclusion Office, Raihanna Hirji-Khalfan and Khadijeh Rakie, undertook the Initiative as part of the Equity and Inclusion Office’s education portfolio.

Hirji-Khalfan and Rakie explain, "We developed the Challenging Islamophobia on Campus Initiative as a result of the violent backlash targeting Muslims, and those perceived to be Muslims, after the deadly attacks in Paris on November 13 2015.  The backlash created a climate of fear within the Canadian Muslim community including here at McMaster.  We wanted to be proactive in acknowledging that the demonization and marginalization of Muslims, and those perceived to be Muslim, has normalized a culture of Islamophobia where people feel justified in their discriminatory words and actions.  This reality makes it difficult to seek help or even name Islamophobic incidents when they occur.  It was our goal to offer a supportive space for those who have experienced, or fear experiencing, Islamophobia and to work collectively to identify practical means for challenging Islamophobia when it occurs on campus.  We are thankful to the campus members who took part in and offered their support of the Initiative”. 

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For information, contact:  Vilma Rossi, Senior Program Manager, 905 525 9140, Extension 24235 or