The Equity and Inclusion Office staff are working remotely and in office. We are available to provide consultation, support and education for students, staff and faculty through video or phone appointments. Click here to contact us.
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Inclusion and Anti-Racism Education

Who we are an What we Do!

The Inclusion and Anti-Racism Education Program is a multifaceted stream of the Equity and Inclusion Office. The Inclusion and Anti-Racism Education Program specializes in providing education and support regarding race, equity and inclusion, and human rights. The team is comprised of:

The Manager of Inclusion and Anti-Racism Education, Renata Hall, [RSW, PhD Student, MSW, BSW, BSc] who delivers Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and human rights education, supports EDI strategic planning at McMaster, as well provides consultations around best practices for EDIAD initiatives for departments, programs, and groups at McMaster.

The Inclusion and Anti-Racism team researches and shares promising practices and strategies which inform our suite of program offerings. We offer:

  • Suite of educational workshops
  • Partnered Discussion groups and special events
  • Consultation meetings
  • Human rights navigation and referrals
  • Lunch and Learns

Unique to our program is the stream of Anti-Black Racism Initiatives and Education. Specifically, we offer:

  • Anti-Black racism educational workshops and resources
  • Debriefing and navigational support for instances of Anti-Black racism at McMaster
  • Advocacy and Initiative building for Black students, programs, and centers at McMaster University
  • Anti-Black Racism Strategic Planning (ie. Black History Month, Scarborough Charter)

While the Inclusion and Anti-racism team caters to students, staff and faculty members of McMaster but, we are also dedicated to bridging and building EDI and anti-racism work within the wider Hamilton Community. To learn more of our offerings, please browse the drop-down descriptors below.



The Inclusion and Anti-Racism team’s curation of workshop offerings has been organized into grouped topics with a suite of workshops to aid in thorough learning and building capacity. We have designed the grouping to build upon each other; the first offering is rooted in fundamental and foundational concepts and definitions, the second then contextualizes and deepens our topics, and the third focuses on beginning to generate practical and tangible skills and takeaways to add to your EDI toolbox.

To make your request, we ask that you browse the grouping of education and accompanying topics offered and identify a group and a topic that meets your educational needs.

If this is your first time engaging in workshops with our program, we advise you choose from topics within first group and when we meet, we can discuss an educational plan and scheduling that works with your overall educational goals.

If you have taken our workshops in the past, we advise you browse the levels offered to find workshops topics you may not have engaged with yet, starting with first group topics and working your way up

Please contact us by email or by phone (905) 525-9140 ext. 27581 to schedule a workshop or to learn more.

EDI and Human Rights Fundamentals : definitions, EDI examples, discrimination and harassment policy, intersectional discrimination and harassment—hostile working environments

Power, Privilege and Oppression : defining terms, understanding dynamics and interplay between terms, understanding interpersonal and systemic forms, AOP and antiracism introduction to terms and tenets

Exploring Identity : Social location, implicating the self exercises power, privilege, culture, dominant and non-dominant identities in higher education

Anti-Black racism in higher education and Hamilton: What is Anti-Black Racism? Where it exists In Hamilton: How does it show up socially in our community and in Higher Education – How does it show up at Mac? What is available at McMaster in terms of support and what is available in the community in terms of support

Time and Format: Each workshop is designed to be interactive, and discussion based. The workshops run approximately 90-120 minutes in length and can be facilitated online or in person. Please note we do not have hybrid options at this time.

Experiencing, Witnessing, and/or Perpetuating Microaggressions: microaggressions in the classroom/workplace, power dynamics, experiencing, witnessing, perpetuating microaggressions, acknowledging, creating awareness,  and identifying microaggressions

Language, stereotypes, intent vs. impact, cultural appropriation: power of language, intent versus impact, and inclusive language   considerations, roots of racists/oppressive stereotypes, stereotypes as a pathway to cultural appropriation, reflecting on language

Implicit and Unconscious Bias: reflecting on ideologies and automatic thoughts, understanding how they infiltrate behavior and process, discussing ways to acknowledge and interrupt bias where possible

Black Racial Trauma in Higher Education:  Black racial trauma, its roots in oppression and racism, ways it affects schooling and work

Time and Format: Each workshop is designed to be interactive, and discussion based. The workshops run approximately 90-120 minutes in length and can be facilitated online or in person. Please note we do not have hybrid options at this time.

Intervening in Instances of Discrimination and Harassment : Tools for intervening in racist remarks and microaggressions, pathways for resolutions, rights and responsibilities, safety considerations when intervening

Creating Safe and Inclusive Spaces: Overt and Covert racism and oppression in higher education, defining What is Inclusion and   Safety, and for whom (intersectional lens to safety and inclusion), considerations to implement safe space building

Interpersonal and Organizational Allyship: personal allyship journey considerations, EDI in service delivery, interactions, team building, and program building in higher education climate surveying, feedback processes, committee building, champions etc

Supporting Black Individuals in Higher Education :This workshop will cover: understanding tokenization and its harms, reflecting on retention,  safety, and professional/academic development of Black individuals, on campus and off campus resources

Time and Format: Each workshop is designed to be interactive, and discussion based. The workshops run approximately 90 -120 minutes in length and can be facilitated online or in person. Please note we do not have hybrid options at this time.


Various departments, offices, and groups at McMaster are brainstorming, initiating, and championing EDI initiatives of their own. Our team appreciates a de-centralized approach to EDI work, and we are happy to consult and suggest additional best practices to your EDI and anti-racism initiatives and planning that may be underway. The type of consultation we provide:

  • Reviewing EDI strategic planning, climate surveying, and processes of EDI committee building specific to your department/office
  • Reviewing educational development/training specific to equity, anti-racism, and AOP created by your office
  • Informing hiring processes and committees
  • Safety planning for events

If you would like to consult. Please email

Partnered Discussion Groups and Special Events

Interested in partnering with our office on community building discussions and equity related events? Our team is open to assisting you in facilitating discussion groups and/or events, for example, drop-in check in for equity seeking groups, educational or social justice conferences, and exciting and creative conversation-based activities.

Please email

Human Rights Navigation and Referrals

McMaster University has processes and policies to support you, should you be experiencing discrimination or harassment. The Blue Folder is a printable guide designed for students, staff and faculty with information on what constitutes discrimination and harassment as well as processes to address these incidences.

How can we support: The Inclusion and Anti-Racism team provides navigational support. This can take the form of providing campus resources or warm referrals to the Human Rights and Dispute Resolution Team who can have confidential discussions about your resolution options, launch an investigation of formal complaint and facilitate dispute resolution.

Please email

Or drop by University Hall 104, to discuss how we can support you.

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